each detail matters

Louis XIII

Aluminium mirror or stamped plate


Bottle decoration using shiny aluminium, stamped and finely cut


Aluminium adhesive label, shiny stamped gold label, mat gold label.


Shiny aluminium gold coating for a metal-injected display. Some complex etching was carried out using a laser to avoid deforming the display.

Marking is an expression of luxury, and an item's finishing touches are only as elegant as the nobility of the materials used.

Stainless steel, aluminium, brass...a true master at the service of luxury brands.

We took great care in the elaboration of your product and paid strict attention at all times to your specific requirements. Mill provides you with its know-how in the field of metal etching, embossing for relief work, laser cutting for finer details and in the creation of various textures: shiny, satin finish or mat.