Aluminium varnished medallion, 4-colour silk-screen printing,
embossed logo and partial embossing of the text.

An exceptional medallion

Caviar / Médaillon Aluminium verni incolore, sérigraphie 4 couleurs, embossage du logo et partiel du texte.

If caviar can be judged by the smoothness of its texture and the richness of its flavours, then it is quite natural for the packaging to enhance its features.
Delicate decor, refined drawings and typography, a “royal” medallion…just like the beluga.

Dark chocolate ganache

Aluminium adhesive label,
shiny printed gold label,
mat gold label.

Elegantly adding your brand's seal,
signing a box in style.

The label acts as a seal, asserting your brand’s high quality, the marking is in perfect harmony with the display: gift sets, ribbons, boxes, etc.
The label seals in a precious content, giving the brand a high-end feel.

Ganache Noire / Étiquette luxe autocollante en aluminium or brillant gravé or mat.