Bottle decoration using shiny
aluminium, stamped and finely cut

Whatever the bottle, adorn it
with a personalised decoration
to perfectly reflect
your brand image!

Fendi / Décor de flacon : plaque alu brillante, imprimée et finement découpée.

The wide range of available colours presents highly
subtle shades and nuances. The brand can therefore personalise the plate adorning its display or product to suit its inspiration and requirements. Nothing is too beautiful when it comes to enhancing your image.


Bottle top made of shiny aluminium,
decorated using a chemical etching technique,
tinted varnish applied so the colour matches
the bottle's other metallic elements.

When the brand's prestige
rests on accuracy,
details are essential.

The coloured varnishes provide a sophisticated palette of matching shades. Based on the same decorative style, a change in colour makes it possible to develop an entire product range. This marking offers a wide range of opportunities and limitless creativity for the benefit of your brand image.

Royer & Gallet / Top de bouchon en plaque aluminium brillant, décor par gravure chimique sur métal, vernis teinté

Lid made of mass dyed golden anodized aluminium,
alkaline etching for the text and filled in with white lacquer.

Luxury is sometimes
synonym of sobriety.

Alien / Top de bouchon en plaque aluminium anodisée or, teinté dans la masse, gravure sur métal alcaline du texte et remplissage avec une laque blanche.

Anodising the aluminium enhances its natural properties, the gold creates a contrast with the pot’s white mat colour.

The logo is delicately engraved and lacquered, thus providing it with a luxurious style, in line with and in addition to the experience promised by the brand.

Sue Wong

Bottle facing in gold-coated aluminium.
The finishing touches are revealed by chemical etching
and the character is embossed in 3D.

Gold is beautiful...

The gold reveals the black and the black enhances the gold. The elegance of the Sue Wong bottle is a result of the subtle alliance of glass and metal. With its varying lines, relief work, materials and colours, Sue Wong’s design is truly harmonious.

Sue Wong / Facing de flacon en plaque aluminium verni or.

Thin golden brass seal fitted onto a black rayon ribbon
(the ribbon has an adhesive patch to keep the seal in place
during the crimping of the pump cover).

Sophisticated details
that reflect sophisticated fragrances...

Chaugan / Scellé en plaque laiton doré à l’or fin monté sur ruban rayonne noir

Emerging from ancient Persia, two Chovgan players spring forward and land on a bottle; the effect is striking. With its precise details and high-quality finishes, the fragrances emanating from the Rosée des Jardins d’Ispahan overwhelm our senses at the very sight of the bottle.