Dolce & Gabbana

Shiny aluminium gold coating for a metal-injected display.
Some complex etching was carried out
using a laser to avoid deforming the display.

Good presentation
leads to a good impression.

Dolce & Gabbana / Dessus en plaque aluminium brillants vernis or pour présentoir métal injecté.

For plastic injection large moulded displays, gluing on an aluminium plate is better than hot stamping it. The result is perfectly in line with the brand’s image: elegant, sophisticated and attractive.


Easel bearing the brand name,
made of varnished and stamped brushed aluminium.

Focusing all the attention
on the brand, attracting interest,
then triggering intent.

The varnished brushed aluminium plate already establishes the brand’s style. Dimensions, etching, colours, shades, shapes, etc. Displays can be adapted to all your desires and requirements.

Waterman / Chevalet métal : rappel de marque en plaque aluminium brossé verni et imprimé.