Aluminium mirror or stamped plate

A remarkable decorative plate
for every prestigious gift box!

Louis VIII / Plaque en aluminium miroir or imprimée : gravure sur aluminium

The aluminium mirror-effect golden plate has the brand name printed on it. It subtly hides the push button used to activate the slide mechanism.
With this luxurious aluminium plate, functionality is decked out in its best finery.


The gift box locking system is made of shiny aluminium,
the front is printed in three colours and varnished,
the back has a satin finish.

A refined clasp
for an exceptional nectar

The shiny aluminium is seductive and delicate, and enhanced by three printed and varnished colours: the medal that locks the box is like a seal that, when opened, unveils the work carried out on the back with a uniform satin metal finish.

Louis Royer / Fermeture de coffret en plaque aluminium brillante, recto imprimé trois couleurs puis verni et verso satiné.

Polished brass plate, text etching
with black lacquer and colourless varnish.
Adhesive back on the left-hand side,
black printing in the section
that is visible when open.

The distinction intense
black of the Art deco
monogram "Hennessy Privé"

Hennessy / Plaque laiton poli, gravure sur plaque des textes avec laquage noir et vernis incolore.

The intense black colour of the “Hennessy Privé” Art Déco monogram can clearly be distinguished from the golden tint of the polished brass, whereas the black back makes it look quite formal.
The metallic seal brings the final touch to this prestigious gift box.


Display your elegance is an art!

Brushed aluminum plate,
silk screened 2 colors,
with text embossing.

This aluminum chestpiece dresses, with sobriety and elegance, this precious nectar bottle. It embellishes and magnifies this luxury packaging. The brand is literally worn up, this plate highlights the brightness of the product.
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Embossage / Savoir-faire de Mill Luxe